Audio Book For White Man Red Road


Below are downloadable audio files of me (Wes Hamil) reading the book White Man Red Road. 


By the way, I have a great deal of respect for all those professional book readers and voice actors as a result of this effort. Compounding this undertaking of reading is the fact that I have a hereditary case of COPD that creates extra challenges. Something called an antitrypsen deficiency gave me that gift.....However, I was unwilling to let a little thing like breathing interfere with my desire to do this, it has not stopped me from singing my songs, so I plunged in. Sentences can be longer than song lyrics however, so let's just say it has been an adventure......


I hope you enjoy the book. Please refer friends and promote the sale of the ebook and print on demand version.


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The White Man Red Road cover below is a full length audiobook version for you to download to your computer and put on your mobile device. Donations appreciated!


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The image below is a link to the Full Length audiobook of White Man Red Road read by Wes Hamil.

The file is an audiobook file. In my tests it will stream on mobile devices. Or you can download it with your computer and put it on your mobile device to listen free of any internet connection. On a Computer, just click on the image and download. On a Mobile device you will be taken to a public dropbox folder where you can stream the file.


I recommend download the file to a computer and then putting it on your mobile device. This will allow you to use the chapter feature in the audiobook to skip around or relisten easily as you see fit. On Mac or PC either one, for example, using Chrome as the browser all you have to do is click on the image and the file will download to your downloads folder.

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Click on the Image to the right and download an AudioBook Version of WhiteMan Red Road, with audio chapters indexed for easy navigation and listening. Will play on any device capable of playing a standard audiobook file, such as the files from When the file loads on your page simply right click and save the audio. ---Enjoy- WES