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A Spiritual Love Story, crossing cultural boundaries, that is rooted in self discovery and redemption. Near death ceremonial experiences that evolve into real life affirmations. A journey through mental illness that culminates in Spiritual Discovery, Healing and Hope.

A spiritual memoir told in first person by the author, who takes the journey seriously while not taking himself too seriously at all. The story traces his journey from his introduction to his teachers through multiple ceremonies and culminates in his becoming a Sundancer. Interwoven with this narrative is the concurrent story of his wife, who is diagnosed with debilitating mental illness and endures multiple psychiatric hospitalizations. The couple use the teaching and practices of the Red Road to help her heal and ultimately strengthen their relationship that now extends to over 40 years.




At a small little dinner joint in Rosarita Beach, back in the early 1990's, my teacher and mentor on the Red Road looked across the table as said to me, "You have to make me a Vow"..


Now Vows are serious business. They transcend promise. Promises get made and broken all the time, but when you make a vow, you are saying "upon my life I will do this thing".


"What's the Vow?", I asked. "You have to write your story, so that people know the road you are walking, because it needs to be told", was his reply. There was no other discussion. Given all he meant to me and all I had seen him give, there was no option in my heart of declining.


So I made the vow. And the Vow followed me around for 14 years as I worked on how it might be that I could tell this story. I would put it aside, and it would return unrelentingly to make its presence felt. This is how vows work on you, so you either honor them, or become their prey.


So here it is. The Vow has been honored. The story has been offered up for your choosing. If you choose to travel this road with me, I hope you find something of value along the trail. There are many who tell me they have, and for this I am humbled and grateful. I will not be the one who decides as to the value to be found, however. That will be the reader's decision alone.


I wish you blessings on your journey. May You Walk In Beauty, and May You Always Leave Beauty in Your Trail.





Modern Medicine is the companion "followup" book to White Man Red Road. After numerous requests from readers asking to better understand the teachings referred to in the first book, I undertook the challenge of conveying my experience with these ceremonies and this system of self governance in a way that is accessible to anyone regardless of cultural orientation. 

Modern Medicine is comprised of three distinct sections. Each successive section builds upon the teaching in the prior section. We explore the eight aspects of being human, how to understand each one and how they relate to each other inside a balanced. The reader is offered a personal "ceremony" or exercise in how to apply what they have experienced in this section to find greater insight into how they function in Life, and how they may be live in a more personally balanced and self governed fashion. 

The reader is then offered the opportunity to apply these insights in a regular practice of reflection. Finally, the journey allows us to confront the four great enemies every human faces, and face the challenge of reframing those relationships in a way that expands our lives.

I hope you enjoy Modern Medicine, and your own journey to Balance, Beauty, and Harmony.