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Thank You for Visiting. 

Unfortunately, due to the fact that there have recently been threats made against me, my family and my community I am suspending all contact via this site, in addition to its content.

I sincerely hope that I can soon return this site to its functioning state, and share the journey of creativity and spiritual exploration that is this site's mission, and in fact my life's work.

While we have a very good idea of the individual responsible for the threats against us, it may take some time to resolve this issue. 

Please take care on your journey, and know that for all the darkness and divisive behavior we are witnessing, there is still great Beauty in this world. The Darker the Shadow, The Brighter the Light. I see these current challenges as proof of the bright Light of Spirit and Healing that is available to us all, just past the Darkness. Stay focused on this, and the path will lead to Peace. The journey may be long, so prepare by strengthening your Faith. Look for the Love, it is there, it takes Practice, while the Hate always makes itself known....

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