Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine was written in response to requests from readers of "White Man Red Road" who asked if I would provide practical applications of how to utilize some of the teachings that were conveyed in that book.

This book, in three concise sections, provides direction on what these teachings mean and how you can choose to benefit from them.

The first section will explain the eight directions of the Medicine Wheel that was first presented in White Man- Red Road, and includes a personal exercise you can practice to gain benefit from how this wheel works in everyday life.

The second section provides the basic structure of the healing ceremony that is a foundational component of the White Man - Red Road story, and gives the reader a simple way to utilize those principles themselves.

The final section offers the opportunity for you to meet four of the most common and fundamental obstacles each human faces, and offers a way to convert those challenges into allies on your journey through life.


Modern Medicine is tentatively set to publish by spring of 2019.