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I had the privilege to help rework and 80's soul classic. "How 'Bout Us" was written by Dana Walden and recorded and released in its most widely known form in 1981 by the group Champaign. 

Dana's son Justin- aka Scarecrow Adams- has reworked the song for the current times we live in and I was honored to be able to participate in the rewrite of much of the lyrics. Scarecrow produced and played the tune utilizing a version of it provided by the original singer. DO NOT MISS THIS.

Here is the Youtube Link





The song is on ALL Streaming sites as well.


Modern Medicine - LIVE and in the WILD

The new book Modern Medicine is now released in ALL Formats including audiobook, as is White Man Red Road. Check Both out in the BOOKS section or in the STORE.

Medicine Wheel T- Shirts are now AVAILABLE. So are Book Cover T-Shirts!

New Music is in the works...Jazz inflected Spiritual Americana. Working with Victoria and Wil Snyder. To see some live performances of tracks being worked on for a new recording- Look Here

Podcast with Lirone Glikman


Wes met Lirone at the Gratitude and Trust summit in NYC. You can see and hear Wes's talk in the video section. Wes was Lirone's guest on her podcast and you can hear it RIGHT HERE  on Lirone's site as well!!!