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What's In It FROM Me

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Surely I have that backwards. right? I mean this runs totally contrary to what we get taught. Get yours, everyone else is doing it. Only, so many don't even have a chance to get "theirs", and worse yet, don't even know what"theirs" even is.

The FASTEST path to personal Freedom is the release of deep attachment to outcomes in our relationships, on our projects, This is difficult given the the vast majority of us have been taught, marketed to, and and convinced in a wide variety of ways that we need to generate a specific set out outcomes and results to be happy and whole as a person.

Anyone who has spent an extended time in their life doing this finds the fallacy sooner or later in this system of personal validation. The " set of acceptable outcomes" is a moving target, and it's almost always moving AWAY from the present moment and our sense of being or "having" enough.

If you want to be happy and feel useful, and you can do this immediately, you do not need a special course, or personal guru, or anything else other than willingness to move toward contentment. Simply, as in simple but not always easy, change your intent to one of useful service. Find a need and fill it. It can be a smile to a stranger, or some other act of kindness. You don't have to cure Covid, though feel free.

The key to all this is your intent. Hold the focus that today you will look for ways to contribute to Life rather that solely look to extract from it. In the what's in it FROM me design for living the what's in it FOR me part is taken care of because the Universe reciprocates in kind. You get what you need, even sometimes what you want. Because you are no longer hustling every angle to extract from Life what you think you deserve or are owed, stress levels drop, relationships become authentic rather than opportunities for exploitation, and genuine abundance starts to move your way.

Give it a shot. Make the next 90 days a What's in it FROM me focus. If you truly shift your intent to one of useful contribution from relentless extraction, you can step off the treadmill of external validation and find new peace and even contentment, regardless of your bank balance, what the scale says when you step on it, or any number of distractions that we engage in hoping to find outside of us that which lives within us.

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sukses jaya
sukses jaya
Sep 29, 2022

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