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Just a few of the things people are saying about Wes, his current book and his music, along with his recorded work with Victoria.......

White Man Red Road- Book



WOW doesn't even begin to describe this book for me. I am only half done with it but felt moved to write this now. Your book was recommended to me by a good friend of mine and one that knows me very well to know that I have been struggling. Not with addiction of chemical forms but with the ideas that I had to suck it up in life and what it handed me and live in a survival mode. I have struggled for many years with co-dependency and depression. And although I have been able to keep my depression in check more the last couple of years, I am in no way living more than in survival mode.

I have had a faith in God and do believe that there is a being there to help us through this life. However, I am now believing more than ever there is more to life than survival mode and being at the beginning of my journey I am scared but with an anxiousness to discover myself and reconnect. This book, or what I've read so far, will help anyone who is struggling with something in their life as long as they have an open heart to know there is a way to reconnect to Creator. You will not regret reading this if you are with open heart to hear what Wes is telling you through his writings. He has in my opinion, done a wonderful job at opening up his experiences to share with others to help them to know you can find a better way to live. I am most anxious to finish his book and work on my road.

Thank you Wes and to my friend for helping me this far. I have some hard work in front of me but now with a direction I didn't have before. You have no idea how thankful I am. 



There are no words to explain the impact of this book on me. Even now as I reread it, it's story and the author who lived it fills me with inspiration. On the surface, it is the story about a man on a quest for spiritual awakening. Along the way, he faces many challenges, overcomes personal demons, almost loses the woman he loves, and faces his greatest enemy: himself. Metaphorically, it is a story about the road we all travel down. Evey road is different, just as everyone's growth is different. But ultimately, it is not the destination but the journey (and the seeds that are planted along the way) that matter.

Wes is a natural storyteller. His words ensnare you from the outset and keep you riveted throughout. My only complaint is that it ends too soon ...but as the last chapter suggests, the story doesn't end at the last page. I look forward to hearing more from this author, and I look forward to my own journey down the red road.




Solid read, beautiful video. A story for any man who has a sense of connection to higher powers.
Reading, and listening to this story, I believe, Wes took this journey, then knew he had to share with those willing to truly 'listen'.
It's a gift to hear how this story grew and is being told to honorably fullful a promise.
Thank you Wes for sharing the journey. It is a sweet read, and a great listen seeing you share.



This is such a great book. The written story, video interviews of the author and music CD made this a multimedia journey along one person's spiritual path. I feel the author left his heart and soul on the pages and in the music. I cried, laughed and was forced to look inward at my own life and spiritual path. Thank You Wes for following through on your vow to your teacher and the courage to write about you and your wife's struggles. I have learned a great deal and now thirst for my own journey.

Ballad of Billy Saigon- Music

A quote from Academy Award winning songwriter Paul Williams about the music:

“Powerful stuff ...   haunting, tortured, unique ... uplifting in a 'friend pulling you up and over a concrete wall' kind of way ..   (not sure that came out right ..  but it's about the masculinity, that frames the feminine e of your performance) .. Reunion is I think the best song ...  the best performance ..   It's like a birthing and a struggle to be born ..    both at the same time. Vic's harmonica and harmonies are portraits ..    movies ....    Somebody's gonna grab 'Billy' or one of the other songs or maybe the whole album and put it on the big screen. It deserves a long life.


RootsTime Magazine in Belgium says:
" The lyrics have a healing quality and Victoria's harp playing adds a "soundtrack" feeling to the songs"
"Reunion" (my favorite) en "Beauty Way" both gems, are nice examples of these two elements combined to form those wonderful songs"
"Another thing is the perfect sound quality of this record,
which almost literally took blood sweat and tears and a lot of time in the making. This turned it even more into a small masterpiece which grows on you every time you play it...over and over again...


And Chris K- aka Goat from MileHighMusic and The Colorado Sound on KFRC 88.9 FM writes:
There's something raw and natural about "folk" music. It cannot be made up; either it's present or it isn't. There's a reason why so many great players are on this record. All I can say is, "Welcome to Colorado Wes and Victoria, and thank you for sharing your music with us." This album is as real as it gets ... 

Radio INDY writes:
“The Ballad Of Billy Saigon” by Wes and Victoria is folk rock/Americana at its best and deserves a good listen from any fan of that genre. Originally hailing from Texas, the duo’s work has that southern feel and is a great mix of folk, rock, country and good ol’ cowboy music. Wes has a very unique singing voice that is particularly raw, letting you feel every note and word he is singing. The harmonica talent of Victoria is well highlighted on songs like “Trail of Tears,” and it sounds great. There is also a very welcoming Rolling Stones-influenced number called “Love Got a Mind of Its Own,” a song that could easily be compared to anything the Stones did in their best years. For listeners that enjoy folk rock and Bob Dylan, Wes and Victoria’s “The Ballad Of Billy Saigon” is definitely worth listening to.

White Man Red Road- The CD

MAXIMUM INK writes about White Man Red Road:

White Man Red Road
by Andrew Frey
Review published: May 2010
Rating: 10
Envisioned as a soundtrack for a book with the same title, Hamil musically introduces us to the award winning culminations of his spirit quests and journeys through Native American ceremonies which ultimately afforded him the opportunity to being a sun dancer. Tribal chants are woven into the guitar driven songs producing a delectably catchy, memorable and enlightening experience. A Colorado Wave Album of the Year!!!

Broken Angels- The CD

Broken Angels


Online comments- Beautiful, soulful acoustic storytelling, nothing in the way of the message..the title track was featured in the Sony Picture's release 'Abel's Field'. 


Just a quiet gift....


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