Guided Journey Through The 6 Affirmations of Gratitude & Trust


This guided meditation is built on the Six Affirmations described in detail in the book Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life published by Blue Rider Press and written by Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson.


I have known Paul for number of years, and he and Tracey have written a wonderful, thoughtful and entertaining book that resonates with humilty and insight on how to identify and change things in your life through the use of these affirmations.


I was inspired to create this recording in the hopes that it would help readers of the book by giving them this approach to understanding, accepting and integrating these powerful affirmations. I also hope that those who might come to these affirmations through this recording would be inspired to explore the book itself.

Both the spoken word meditation and and the music are orginal compositions, with the exception of the Affirmations themselves, which are taken verbatim from the book. The second track is music only, and makes an excellent background soundscape to aid in creating a less stressful environment.


The title of the music only track, "nv-yu yv-wi music " is from the Cherokee langauge and means "Stone People Music". Given this book touches deeply on recovery, I want to explain that the "stone people" is a name often given to the hot stones that are placed in the ceremonial prayer lodges (also known as sweat lodges) used in many Native Spiritual practices. Many of us who walk those Roads have been blessed to hear on occasion the "Song of the Stone People", the soothing healing sound that comes from their energy and use in these ceremonies. This musical track is an honoring and acknowledgment of the cleansing, transformative energy of these stones that are used in our ceremonies.


The Affirmations Journey and Music track may be streamed from this page. CD's and downloadable versions of both tracks are available in the STORE section of this site. If you join the mailing list here I will be happy to let you know when this occurs. I intend to leave them here as a streaming Give-Away to all of you, and if you want to purchase them you may enjoy them as you travel, untethered from the internet. Thanks for listening!!!


You can listen to a Youtube video of the entire Six Affirmations Meditation recording by simply clicking RIGHT HERE.