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Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine is the followup book to White Man Red Road. Written at the request of the readers of the first book, in this new book Wes conveys in simple and straightforward ways how to utilize many of the teachings from White Man Red Road. e book is written in three easy to digest sections that guide the reader on techniques and concepts that can enable them to better govern their own lives and find new sense of balance and purpose.

White Man Red Road

These are the various versions of White Man Red Road. The iTunes store features a text only version and an enhanced multi- media version that includes all the music and lyrics from the soundtrack CD, plus video clips of Wes being interviewed about the book. There are Kindle and Nook versions as well. You can also order a paper version- a "hold in your hands and turn the page" version through Barnes and Noble by clicking the button below. Thanks so much!


CD Length Audio Releases

White Man Red Road

White Man Red Road CD

The "soundtrack" to the book White Man Red Road. Record of the Year 2009 on the Colorado Wave. Acoustic, English and Medicine songs interwoven....creates a very positive mood...


Ballad Of Billy Saigon

Ballad of Billy Saigon

Americana CD. Title Track on Compilation project with Bob Dylan, Bruce Sprongsteen ,John Lennon and more..features Albert Lee, Stephen Bruton, David Palmer, Tony Sales, Scarecrow Adams and more great guest artists.


Broken Angels

Broken Angels CD

An all acoustic project. The Title track was fatred in the Sony Pictures release "Abel's Field", and there is some nice harmonica from Victoria on this..a mellow record full of good tunes.


BANDCAMP- Find all this music and more!

These recordings and more from Wes with Victoria are available on BANDCAMP. Click the button below to see the listing of music available

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