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The music I create is not the stuff of large display and overstated grandeur. My work is a small handmade thing, like something you might find at one of those funky little out of the way places on old Route 66, miles from the main highway and it's fast moving stresses. It is work for the quiet times, the reflective times, the times when you are willing to give yourself to a moment to see what it might hold, and hopefully find your own reflection there in it.


I hope you enjoy it..I make this music primarily because I am compelled to, any other reasons and motiviations have long faded and turned sepia like the Joshua Tree desert in the video on this page....


Peace along the trail......Wes








I had the great priviledge of speaking at the Gratitude and Trust Summit in Manhattan at the 92Y.


There were a number of amazing speakers and the venue was inspiring. The man who produces the event, Jeff Pulver, along with Tracey Jackson and Paul Williams, did a wonderful job as well as spoke.


I hope you enjoy this talk I was able to share about my journey with the "Give - Away"....Walk in Beauty